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Meet Agata

Back Pain: Agata tells us how her back pain was relieved by Dr. Andy.

I first came to Dr. Andy with pain throughout my entire spine. I had neck pain and stiffness radiating into my shoulder, along with pain in my lower back and hips that stretched to my mid back. Yoga helped a little but did not give me the relief I needed. I had seen a chiropractor previously, but it had been way too long and my body was feeling it. Since Show More...coming here, my flexibility has increased and I no longer have tightness in my joints. My spinal tension has been relieved, and I feel much better. I now have more mobility and flexibility. I continue to get adjusted regularly to keep my spine in the best position, and my whole family now comes to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic!...Show Less

Meet Alex

Healthy Lifestyle: Alex shares how Dr. Andy helped her manage her pain and taught her ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

I came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic on the recommendation of my boyfriend, whom Dr. Andy had helped with his knee pain. I suffer from chronic back pain due to scoliosis, and while my previous chiropractor had helped, I did not feel I was getting the kind of personal care I needed. That changed when I came here. Dr. Andy helped me not just to think Show More...of chiropractic as something to get me out of pain. (Although I am out of pain!) I was encouraged to see my adjustments as a way to create a healthier lifestyle for myself. Keeping my nervous system in proper alignment has helped me fight illness and improve my day-to-day functioning. I have learned here that eating well and exercising will also help with my pain. And that isn’t just a gimmick; it really works! The more I take care of myself outside the office, the better I respond when I come in to get adjusted. I have learned that my pain is not just something that I must live and cope with for the rest of my life, but that it is within my power to do the best things for my body that will allow me to be pain free! Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic supports me in terms of pain management, but also in keeping my whole body well for a lifetime. I highly recommend Dr. Andy to any and all who wish to better themselves and become a happier, healthier person....Show Less

Meet Betsy

Sciatica: Chiropractic care helped Betsy's sciatica.

The reason I consulted Dr. Andy is because I had pain in my lower back and numbness in my left leg. Since coming in for regular adjustments I’ve experienced a lot less numbness in my leg, and I can lay on my left side for a longer period of time. I also have greater range of motion in my back now. In addition to my back and leg, I have been getting Show More...adjustments for my fingers and sinuses. My fingers do not seem to be as large as before and they are more flexible. My sinuses are also clearer. I feel so much better, and now have the ability to move with greater ease....Show Less

Meet Cathy

Shoulder & Hip Pain: Chiropractic care helped Cathy get back to running.

I came to see Dr. Andy because I had a persistent burning pain in my left shoulder area and in my right hip, for the last several years. I have tried physical therapy that did not work. I also took anti-inflammatory’s everyday when I got home from work, this provided me with minimal relief. I have been getting adjusted for three months now and both pain in my Show More...shoulder and hip is 100% gone!! As a result, I have resumed my passion, I am now running again. I am so happy, I feel younger, more energized and healthier. Thank you so much, Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic....Show Less

Meet Charlotte

Shoulder & Arm Pain: 

When I first came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic, I was suffering from severe pain in my right shoulder and down my arm. It seemed as if I had tried everything - orthopedic care, steroid injections, and plenty of pain medication. I never felt 100% relief with any treatment, if I was given any relief at all. The pain was so terrible; I truly wanted to cut my arm Show Since starting chiropractic care, I have been completely pain free. And without constant pain, I have been calmer and felt much less stress. I am coping better with my day to day life and can now complete daily tasks without any pain. My quality of life has improved tremendously as I have much more energy. After trying everything, it has been truly miraculous to be living without pain thanks to chiropractic. I continue to get adjusted regularly to keep my spine aligned and give my body the best chance for optimal health!...Show Less

Meet Chris

Leg Pain: Chris discusses how his very first adjustment eliminated his leg pain.

“I had never been to a chiropractor before. I walked into Dr. Lombardozzi's office on a whim, and he saw me right away. My knee and leg had been hurting for over a year with varying degrees of pain. I am very active and running, swimming, or lifting weights are my favorite forms of exercise. I had tried some different stretching techniques for my Show More...leg but had come to the conclusion that this would just be a nuisance that I would have to live with. When I stood up after my adjustment at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic, I was stunned. My leg no longer had any discomfort or pain. I had resigned myself to the fact that this pain would simply be a part of my day-to-day life, and now it was gone. I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Andy ever since. And not only is my leg better, but I am performing better in the gym, sleeping better, and have more energy throughout the day. I also feel as if my stress levels have decreased along with my anxiety. I have much better posture and less general back pain. My overall health has improved significantly. I am so glad I wandered into Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic that day!”...Show Less

Meet Cindi

Shoulder Pain & PMS: Cindi describes who chiropractic care helped her shoulder and her PMS symptoms.

My shoulder “locked” up and caused extreme pain with any movement. Instead of relying on medication to relax my muscle, my mother made an appointment with Dr. Andy in Richmond, VA. I was skeptical of chiropractic. This was my first problem with joints or muscles I had ever encountered. I used an anti-inflammatory and it helped a little but it did Show More...not fix the problem. The pain in my shoulder completely went away and I learned that the position of my cervical spine was causing back pain and muscle pain in my shoulders. I had no idea what chiropractic was, that the nervous system controls everything in the body and that the key to overall health was a properly functioning nervous system.

I feel much better. I have more energy and fewer headaches. The knots I thought were normal have almost completely diminished. My PMS symptoms have decreased significantly.

Since I feel healthy I embrace each day fully, I have a more positive and happy outlook. I can handle stress without feeling depressed. I have revisited my yoga practice while coming to see Dr. Andy. I enjoy the benefits I am receiving. I am more efficient and accomplished with my goals. With the combination of chiropractic and yoga I feel much more healthy and graceful. Thank you Dr. Andy!...Show Less

Meet Claudia

Pediatric Chiropractic Care: 

Claudia is a seven month old baby girl who was diagnosed with torticollis at two months of age. Her parents had tried home treatment using various stretching techniques and while it made some improvement it wasn't 100% resolved. After a few adjustments, her torticollis has been corrected. She is able to sit and hold her head straight! She also had Show More...chronic nasal congestion which has fully improved after only one adjustment. Coming to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic has given Claudia's parents the confidence that their daughters condition has been treated and that she is now a healthy normal seven month old!...Show Less

Meet Diana

Stronger Immune System: Chiropractic helped Diana fight off cold and flu season!

When I originally came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic, I was looking to treat my low back pain, but I was also interested in improving my overall health without the use of pharmaceuticals. For my pain, I had previously tried switching to a memory foam mattress pad which helped me sleep at night, but I needed relief throughout the day. Since Show More...getting adjusted, I have been able to get rid of my back and neck pain through the day without medications. But besides that, I have had a decrease in my overall stress level. As a college student, it was pretty common for me to get sick 3 times during a semester. But this semester while seeing Dr. Lombardozzi, I have not been sick once. My quality of life has greatly improved not only by relieving my daily pain, but by improving my immune system and helping me to de-stress. Also, since I am adjusted weekly, it has helped keep me in the mindset of taking good care of myself throughout the week. And with no sick days, I am able to go to class every day and work more efficiently to achieve my academic and personal goals!...Show Less

Meet Diane

Headaches & Muscles Tightness: Diane tells how Dr. Andy helped with her muscle tightness and headaches.

I came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic because I had extreme muscle tightness in my neck, shoulders and back that was causing headaches and vomiting. Before trying chiropractic care I would get massages, which helped but did not fix the underlying problem. Since coming to see Dr. Andy, my muscles have loosened and I have greater range of Show More...motion. The adjustments may have also staved off a sinus infection. In addition, I no longer have debilitating headaches, which occurred every 2-3 weeks prior to receiving care. I am more patient with my daughter and am working out again. Finally, I am hopeful that I am getting my life back after much suffering....Show Less

Meet Emre

Herniated Disc in Back: 

I exercise regularly and lead a very active life, but after a lifting injury my back locked up. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and had some extremely painful days. I was on pain relievers and muscle relaxants. They offered me short term relief at best when used every four hours, but I still could not exercise. When I first came into the chiropractic Show, I was unable to sit down. After my first few adjustments at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic, mobility returned to my lower back, and the pain has continued to lessen over a few short weeks. I also noticed that a lot of tension I had been feeling in my joints was lessened. I went from extreme pain and semi-paralysis to being able to comfortably exercise and swim again. I am also back to practicing yoga and running, all in a few weeks. I am so glad I have been receiving chiropractic care....Show Less

Meet Ernestine

Chiropractic for Healthy Long life: 

Meet Ernestine, one of Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic’s newest and oldest patients! She is 98 years old and has been an exciting addition to our practice since moving to Richmond. Ernestine has had a remarkable chiropractic journey. She has been seeing a chiropractor for the last 70 years, long before the profession was as well know and credible as it Show today. She has seen a chiropractor for all of her aches and pains throughout life. At her age, most would be using walkers or wheelchairs, while she rarely uses a cane. Ernestine contributes her health to her continued chiropractic care. When she first came to the office, she had not been to a chiropractor for a few months since moving to Richmond. She was having foot and leg pain resulting from a fall. She was giving a shot by the medical doctor but found no relief. Since coming to Dr. Andy, her foot and leg pain have been exponentially better, and she also believes her hearing has begun to improve.

In addition, Ernestine has an ideal cervical curve, as shown in the picture above. This is referred to in the chiropractic profession as the “arc of life.” For a person of her age to have this curve is very rare. We see patients in their 20s with reverse curvature of the neck. This can cause severe problems, and not just neck pain. Headaches, sinus problems, dizziness, migraines, fatigue, allergies, hand and finger numbness or tingling, high blood pressure and further in the future, cardiovascular problems. These problems occur because when the vertebrae in the neck are curved the wrong way, this puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, which can cause health problems throughout the body.

Chiropractic adjustments can be a huge factor in bringing back your ideal cervical curve. Call to make your appointment at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic today to learn more about how chiropractic can help you....Show Less

Meet Helen's

Back Pain: Helen tells us how chiropractic helped relieve her back pain.

I first met Dr. Lombardozzi at a health talk that he provided for us at our home. My back had been bothering me for awhile. Just walking around caused me a lot of back pain, and I was falling more which made me nervous. Being 89 years old, I thought this was part of the aging process and that there wasn’t much I could do about it. Prior to getting Show More...Chiropractic adjustments I had steroid shots and had physical therapy. This would provide a little relief for a short period of time but never corrected the problem. Since getting adjusted at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic my back doesn’t hurt as much and I seem to have more energy. Another amazing benefit is my vertigo isn’t as bad. My head is not so dizzy and I am getting better on my feet. I’m able to sit at church without back pain now which i couldn’t do before. Having less pain has improved my overall quality of life. I don’t hurt so much so I can do more of my house work. Since I’ve been getting adjusted my overall performance has improved, I feel better and it’s only been about 1 month since I started getting adjusted. I’m 89 years old and I take care of myself and I’m determined to stay independent for as long as I can. I would recommend Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic to everyone in Richmond Virginia....Show Less

Meet Jessica

More Energy: Jessica describes how resuming chiropractic care improved her health.

I had a Chiropractor for years in my home town. When I moved to Richmond I stopped going for almost 5 months and became very sore. I knew I needed to get back with a Chiropractor to feel better. Prior to seeing a Chiropractor I did a lot of stretching and swimming for low impact exercise, but it wasn’t enough. Getting adjusted at Tuckahoe Family Show More...Chiropractic I’m no longer stiff and sore, I’m more energetic, I can go to the gym for longer periods of time. All in all, I feel a lot better. Because I feel better, I’ve been able to up my gym routine and have lost nearly 10lbs in the 5 months I’ve been coming here. I’m more flexible, I have more energy, and I feel great! I’m more mobile and that means I can do what I love without pain....Show Less

Meet Jimmy

Back Pain: Jimmy found relief through chiropractic after a running injury.

I met Dr. Andy at Ukrop's as he was providing patrons of the store with a free Spinal Examination utilizing a computerized Ultrasound device that detected potential and actual problem areas within the spine. Andy ended up running with me at some time, completed the Rock and Roll Marathon this Summer, and just completed the SunTrust Show More...Marathon this past weekend.

I strained/sprained my back this past Fall and was in serious pain. Traditional Medicine, including medications, did not bring me any relief and no sense of functioning or hope. I did receive Medical Massage, which did offer some relief, but I believe that I was too damaged to truly benefit from that healing touch. After just my first session with Andy, my back pain was dramatically reduced and I was actually able to return to the gym and perform Cardio and lift weights. I am to back running!...Show Less

Meet Jody

Neck Pain & Sinus Problems: Jody tells us how chiropractic care improved her sinus function and eased her chronic neck pain

Before seeing Dr. Lombardozzi at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic I had many issues with chronic neck pain, sinus problems and weekly headaches. Getting adequate rest was difficult and having two small boys made it even harder. Prior to getting adjusted at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic I took a lot of Advil liquid gels (daily). They would work that Show, but the pain always returned. The results I’ve experienced since getting adjusted have been amazing. I no longer take pain medication, I sleep better and I am happier with the absence of chronic pain, not to mention less fatigue. Since getting adjusted with Dr. Andy, I am more aware of what my body needs like more water a good stretch or another adjustment to get me right. The quality of my life has improved. I have more energy now that I’m sleeping better. I am not in bed with headaches or pain. I am able to get back into training for races and exercise more comfortably. My headaches are gone. I have always been an athlete, and with regular adjustments, I’ve been able to get back into training. Hopefully, I’ll be in peak condition again soon. My mind feels clearer my joints and neck are no longer achy. I feel like I am a better mom in the absence of all my pain....Show Less

Meet Kara

Shoulder & Arm Pain: 

I came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic three years ago with pain radiating from my right shoulder down to my fingers. I had used pain relievers to treat my condition in the past. However, the medicine did not give me enough relief from the pain, nor did they help increase my small range of motion. Since getting adjusted, I have been relieved of all my pain Show More...and have gotten complete mobility back into my shoulder and arm. I also have more energy and am able to lead a more active life. I play with my kids and have no pain! This is why I have continued to come to Dr. Andy all these years to keep myself well.

Notes from the Richmond Chiropractor at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic:
Radicular pain traveling from the neck down the arm and often involving the fingers, is often caused by irritation to the nerves exiting the vertebrae in the neck. This condition is commonly diagnosed as “Cervical Radiculitis.” People experiencing radicular pain down the arm commonly visit a Chiropractor, and respond well with Chiropractic adjustments. If you know someone suffering from radicular pain down the arm have them call Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic in Richmond, VA for a free consultation at 804-740-3434....Show Less

Meet Karla

Neck & Back Pain: 

I came to Tuckahoe family chiropractic with extreme neck pain, back pain and foot pain. Before coming here I had tried everything, orthopedist, podiatry, massages, and none of it worked 100%. After going through care now for a couple months my plantar fasciitis is almost completely gone. My neck and low back pain is resolved. Not only have these Show More...symptoms cleared up, but I generally feel overall better and healthier. Thanks to chiropractic care my pain is so much better, I can move more easily and I am back to running regularly. Thanks to Dr. Andy's suggestion, I plan on doing the de-tox program to also better my health along with continuing my chiropractic care....Show Less

Meet Kerry

Sciatica: Kerry describes how chiropractic eliminated her sciatic pain.

I first came to see Dr. Andy because I was suffering from extreme lower back pain with sciatica. During my treatment we discovered a herniated disk, as well as two bulging discs. I had tried physical therapy and other chiropractic treatments in the past, but nothing had an effect until I came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic. I have been seeing Dr. Show More...Andy since 2011, and I continue to see decreases in the pain and discomfort caused by my lower back issues. I sleep better and am able to sit more comfortably at work. My adjustments have eliminated the pain from my sciatica and disc problems and have increased my mobility. Chiropractic works for me, and that is why I visit Dr. Andy on a regular basis to continue my wellness care....Show Less

Meet Laura

Stronger Immune System & Fewer Allergy Drugs: Laura tells us how chiropractic care lessened her overall pain and allowed her to stop taking daily allergy medication.

I had been looking for a chiropractor for a long time and was drawn in by the friendly demeanor.The great service kept me hooked. Before I came to Dr. Andy Lombardozzi I was doing the whole “sucking it up” and that did not work I could only ignore pain to a certain extent.Show More...

Since I have been going to see Dr. Andy Lombardozzi I have noticed that I have less pain overall and the biggest difference is that I no longer have to take my allergy medication regularly. My quality of life has improved since I have seen Dr. Andy Lombardozzi. I stand taller, I walk straighter and I have less medication that I am taking and polluting with my body.

My day to day life is better and pain free. I am glad that Dr. Andy goes out and does the public events. I am much better overall now that I have gone to see him. I would suggest that everyone goes to see a chiropractor....Show Less

Meet Lee

Fibromyalgia & Migraines: Lee describes how chiropractic care has helped fibromyalgia as well as headaches and body pain.

My interest perked during a brief encounter with Dr. Lombardozzi at the Richmond Watermelon festival. For years i had been suffering with migraines, arm, neck, lower back pain and Fibromyalgia. Prior to seeing a chiropractor I tried over the counter drugs, vitamins – mostly Tylenol. This only relieved problems for a short period of time and gave me Show More...minimal relief. Since i started getting adjusted I have had one migraine in the past month where as before I’d have 3 to 4 a week. My arthritis pain has decreased and my neck stiffness has decreased significantly.

Now I have more energy and body flexibility to perform everyday tasks and I’m sleeping better. I have far less discomfort overall. My pain from Fibromyalgia has dissipated so i’m able to sleep through the night which makes every day better. Since seeing a Chiropractor I’m more active and the consistent tiredness and lack of energy are far less prevalent.

Doctors Note:
Arthritis can be extremely painful and often times limits one from enjoying what-ever it is they like to do. Often times arthritis can lead to neck pain and low back pain, which often times leads them to visit a Chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments are very helpful with those suffering from arthritis. Receiving a Chiropractic adjustment, allows for greater range of motion, and may help reduce pain and inflammation. After all, feeling better leads to being more active and resulting in a happier you! If you know someone who suffers from arthritis and has never been to a Chiropractor, recommend Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic. We’ll do a complimentary consultation to determine whether Chiropractic will help. Call 804-740-3434 to schedule an appointment today....Show Less

Meet Marcella

Lower Back Pain: 

I came into Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic with low back pain. I had tried going to my MD, where they did scans and gave me medications to try and help, but it didn't fully get rid of the pain. After going through care with Dr. Lombardozzi I'm experiencing relief of the back pain and I can now stand and walk with out pain! I also have more energy to preform my daily tasks.

Meet Margaret

Sciatica & Lower Back Pain: Margaret describes how chiropractic care corrected her lower back pain.

I first consulted Dr. Andy Lombardozzi because I had unbearable pain in the lower part of my back. It was so painful I could hardly walk. At some points it almost carried me down to the floor. Prior to coming to see Dr. Andy I tried Tylenol Arthritis. It relieved the pain for awhile, but the pain kept coming back.

Show More...The results that I have noticed in this office from the adjustments are major. The most noticeable change is that my back does not hurt anymore. I have minimal amounts of pain in my legs after getting up in the mornings. Now that I come to Dr. Andy I can walk better without a frown on my face. I feel much better, my legs are not hurting like they used to. Chiropractic care has improved the quality of my life for the better I now have a different attitude about myself. My chiropractor has encouraged me to do exercises and get all of my adjustments. My performance has improved my time at work as well because I can perform my work duties better without my back and legs aching. If you’re looking for a Chiropractor in Richmond, Virginia I highly recommend Dr. Lombardozzi.

Doctors Notes:
Sciatica can be described as pain, numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation that appears either in the thigh, leg or foot. The nerves that branch out from the lumbar spine form what is called the sciatic nerve, it’s the largest nerve in the body, and travels all the way down to the toes. Subluxations and irritation to this nerve can result in symptoms listed above. Chiropractors specialize in correcting irritation to sciatic nerve naturally. If you know a friend or loved one suffering with sciatica recommend Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic in Richmond, we can help! Call 804- 740-3434 for a free Chiropractic consultation....Show Less

Meet Marlene

Sciatica: Marlene tells us how chiropractic helped her sciatica and allowed her to get back into exercise!

The reason I consulted Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic was because I had sciatic nerve pain. Prior to my first visit, I tried shots and physical therapy to rid my body of the pain. They did work, but only temporarily. After receiving care from Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic, my nerve pain is gone, and I feel better overall I am able to exercise better and I feel even stronger. Chiropractic care has left me pain free.

Meet Mary Ellen

Wellness Chiropractic Care: Mary Ellen shares her miraculous chiropractic journey.

I was a long time chiropractic patient when I came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic. Dr. Andy made me feel welcome and encouraged my wish to get very regular adjustments. I had experiences in the past where I felt I could not continue to get care when I was feeling well, so it was wonderful that Dr. Andy embraced concept the wellness of chiropractic Show Since being adjusted, I have gotten my life back! I am able to bend, twist, and move freely again. I can do things that I haven’t done in years with my new range of motion. I feel years younger when I stay consistent with my adjustments, I and can absolutely feel it when I am not frequently getting care. I had given up on myself before chiropractic, and now I have a new lease on life! Come see Dr. Andy for wonderful, wellness chiropractic care!...Show Less

Meet Melanie

Fewer Allergies & Less Pain: Melanie explains how Dr. Andy helped her increase her overall wellness

Since 2004, I have been coming to see Dr. Andy. In the beginning I still had limited illness, but after a short amount of time I was feeling much better. I now trust my body to heal itself and I do not take any medicine. In addition to this, I now have less stomach issues, as I previously suffered from gluten and milk allergies. Prior to coming to Tuckahoe Show More...Family Chiropractic I had been having severe sinus infections, headaches, back pain, and poor wellness in general. I had been using over the counter medicines which would help for a short period, but the symptoms continued to return. Chiropractic care has given me more energy as well as better and deeper sleep. I no longer go anywhere else for treatment of illness. I know I can trust chiropractics, and Dr. Andy, for all of my wellness needs....Show Less

Meet Paul

Lower Back Pain: Paul says that chiropractic care improved his quality of life.

The reason I made an appointment with Dr. Andy at Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic was that I was experiencing excruciating low back pain for quite some time. Before seeing a Chiropractor I had tried many solutions including physical therapy and other chiropractors, none of them have brought me any long term relief. Tuckahoe Family Show More...chiropractic brought me remarkable results! I have better posture and more energy for everyday life. Getting adjusted on a regular basis has helped me live a more productive life. I am confident that my experience will not result in more severe back issues. I would definitely recommend Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic....Show Less

Meet Renee

Radiculopathy, PTS, & Knee Pain: Renee describes how chiropractic care not only cured her radiculopathy, but also allowed her to free herself of prescription medications.

I came to see Dr. Lombardozzi for radiculopathy in my left and right arms that I had suffered from for two years. I had been to a physical therapist twice when I could not lift my head off the pillow due to severe pain. I could not dig a hole to plant vegetable plants without having to take a muscle relaxer. After chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Lombardozzi, Show radiculopathy pain has disappeared. When I finished physical therapy, I could still feel the pinched nerve in my neck and knew that the radiculopathy would return. I don’t have that feeling now and I am able to work in the garden without any painful side effects.

I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and when I started adjustments I was very uptight. I could not sleep through the night. I was taking two anti-anxiety/depression medications. I am now off all medications (depression, thyroid, and Nexium for GERD). I am using natural supplements which are keeping me calm without any side effects and allow me to sleep through the night. I use a daily, positive affirmation that Dr. A handed out at a workshop to help keep me positive and upbeat. Dr. A loaned me a book by Dr. John De Martini that helped me to focus on my emotional blockages and what issues I need to work on to help cope with stress in my life. I enjoyed it so much that I have purchased other books by Dr. De Martini. Chiropractic adjustments have helped me more with depression in four months than medication has in over 24 years.

My right knee was in severe pain when I leaned on it and I walked with a limp. My primary doctor had recommended I take Naproxen daily and recommend I see a surgeon if the pain continued. Dr. A stretched and pulled on my right leg until the swelling and pain disappeared and his prescribed leg exercises helped to strengthen my legs so it would not return.
highly recommend patients attend Dr. Lombardozziís workshops. The nutritional information has been invaluable. I have lost 15 lbs by switching to Celtic sea salt and coconut oil. I have given up sugar for stevia which means I don’t have to worry about dumping syndrome anymore as a recovering gastric bypass patient. I started drinking water to help make the chiropractic adjustments take better and I am now in the habit of drinking it every day. My fellow co-workers and doctors have noticed the positive changes that I have experienced due to Dr.Lombardozzi’s guidance. I started practicing Hot Yoga to continue to build on the recovery that I have made with Dr. Lombardozzi’s chiropractic adjustments.

Doctors Notes:
Radiculopathy refers to pain that radiates from the spine to the extremities. Often times this is experienced down the arms into the hands and fingers or down the legs into the toes, also know as “sciatica” when it involves the lower back and legs. The cause is often due to irritation to the nerves that exit through the vertebrae. Visiting a Chiropractor is a great choice because we address the root cause and correct it....Show Less

Meet Sarath

Recovery for Accident & Injuries: Sarath describes how a car accident and workout injury caused a lot of pain and discomfort - until Dr. Andy got involved

I first came to Dr. Andy Lombardozzi’s because I had stress from being in a fender bender and also because I had hurt my arm working out. Prior to coming to Dr.Lombardozzi I used heat to try to sooth my pain. But the heat only gave me temporally relief.

Show More...Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Lombardozzi I have seen great results. My arm is better and I’m symmetrical muscle wise. Some other health benefits that I have seen is that my digestion has improved and lot of stress began to go away.

Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life by giving me more energy. It has also put me in a more positive mood. Before I went to see Dr. Lombardozzi I was too stressed out, and could not work out. Now after having Dr. Lombardozzi as my chiropractor I’m back to working out and just living my life. My overall performance has been better than ever. Thank you Dr. Andy! If you’re looking for a Richmond Chiropractor, Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic is the best....Show Less

Seth's Mother Tells Their Story

ADHD & Neck Pain: Seth’s mom tells how chiropractic helped her son with neck misalignment and says that his care gives him a med break!

Seth’s mother tells us:
“The reason I brought my son Seth to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic was that he would constantly extend his neck back which would make a cracking sound. It sounded like he was disconnecting his skull from his spine. At first I tried ignoring it, but it turned into something he would do constantly, sometimes not realizing he was doing it. He also had a “purr” tick as a side effect from the Adderall he is taking.

Seth’s birth was traumatic which may have caused the misalignments in his spine. Almost immediately after starting care I noticed Seth was nicer. He was able to sit still a little longer. After only 7 visits Seth seemed more “normal” and functional as a 7 year old. He no longer had the “purr” tick. Even better, Seth’s social behavior has improved and his circle of friends has expanded.

Seth has stopped “cracking” his neck and his social behavior has improved so dramatically he doesn’t need his ADHD meds 7 days a week! He is able to take a med break on Sundays. I’m so happy that Seth can have 1 day without a drug for ADHD. Thank you so much Dr. Lombardozzi.”

Doctors Notes:
I first met Seth’s mom doing a spinal screening at a local vitamin shoppe. She came over for a complimentary screening where I had her fill out a survey about her over health and whether she had any health issues. I explained to her that as a Chiropractor our focus is the nervous system which is protected by the spine, and that any spinal mis-alignments could interfere with nerves resulting in a variety of health problems and symptoms. The goal of Chiropractic is to address the underlying cause and correct it, so that the body has a better opportunity to function, and thus heal!
   Seth had severe mis-alignments in the top two cervical (neck) vertebrae. Often times, pressure on these nerves can have a profound impact on brain function, causing hyperactivity. If you have a family member or know someone that suffers with ADHD, visiting a Chiropractor may help. Looking for a Richmond Chiropractor, call 804-740-3434 to schedule an appointment.
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Meet Spring

Neck Pain: Spring describes the multiple advantages chiropractic has brought to her life.

I came to Dr. Andy with severe neck pain on my right side, radiating down my arm. Before chiropractic, I had tried exercises, stretching, and lots of Advil, but nothing gave me permanent relief. Since getting adjusted, my neck pain is gone and my arm feels great! My shoulders feel limber and much less tense. Dr. Andy has also been working to realign Show feet, which has made my legs feel stronger. And the pain I felt from a bunion on my foot is completely gone! I am able to walk straighter and my posture is so much better! I feel more relaxed, and after each adjustment, there is a feeling of "Ahhh! So much better!" I plan to continue on a chiropractic maintenance plan indefinitely!...Show Less

Meet Tamara

Lower Back Pain & Headaches: 

I came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic suffering from low back pain, headaches, and just general body achiness. I had tried Tylenol and used heating pads but nothing eased the pain. Since being adjusted by Dr. Andy I feel so much better. I have almost no pain in my low back! I hardly get any more headaches, and it feels good to finally be making Show health a priority in my life. I feel better physically and mentally. And the decrease in my pain has made me more active! I am thrilled at the progress I have made under chiropractic care!...Show Less

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